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At The Megaro we like to think of ourselves as quintessentially British (we are located opposite one of the UK’s most important and historical transport hubs after all); and it got us thinking – what are our favourite quintessentially British ‘things’?

Here are some of our thoughts: 

  1. RED TELEPHONE BOOTHS – in today’s world of smart phones and instagram posts, running up the street to a photo booth to tell you mum you’re going to be late for dinner seems like a thing of the past. Yet still – red telephone booths remind us of a bygone era, and prove the perfect backdrop for your Snap Chat selfie.

    The closest red telephone box to the hotel can be found in Smithfield Meat Market. 
  1. TEA – when the Brits are happy – they drink tea. Sad? Drink tea. Worried? Drink tea. It’s kind of our thing. Want a taste of what it feels to be British – get yourself a cuppa.
  2. RED ROUTE MASTERS – once again one of our quintessential British things is red (the Brits love red) – in the 50’s and 60’s London’s roads were dominated by these symbols of British pride and once again in 2011 to 2017. Us Londoner’s love our red buses.Bus route 15 runs historical AEC Route Masters from Tower Hill to Trafalgar Square.
  1. BRITISH BULLDOGS – Brits love their four-legged friends – and is there a furrier beam of true patriotism than the British bulldog? We think not.
  1. THE QUEEN – Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is the most quintessentially British thing we can think of – with her stiff upper lip, her commitment to duty and her garden parties. Guests can visit Lizzy during a tour of the Staterooms in Buckingham Palace.